Behavioral Health Counseling Services

We provide professional behavioral health counseling and assessment in a safe and supportive environment to facilitate the growth and healing of both your physical and emotional health. Our psychologists and neuro-psychologists have specialized training and experience in therapy and assessment for individuals affected by difficulties such as:

Anxiety / Panic
Stress / Anger
Marital Problems
Family Tensions
Separation / Divorce
Loneliness / Isolation
Academic Difficulties
Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity
Psychological Trauma
Pain Management
Medical Illness / Physical Disability / Brain Injury (e.g. stroke, trauma)
Cognitive Rehabilitation
Neurological Rehabilitation (e.g. Drug / Alcohol dependence)
Eating Disorders

Our services may be utilized at the onset of such difficulty or even many years after. Specialized evaluation by a psychologist can be crucial in facilitating the proper medical and/or psychological treatment to ensure your optimal growth, recovery and adjustment in all areas of your life.

For more information and/or Schedule an appointment, or to refer a patient, please call (847) 776-0606.

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